Where's the Recovery?

June 15, 2011
Press Release

Washington, DC – On June 17th of last year, President Obama announced that the country would be experiencing a “recovery summer,” a period of strong economic growth fueled by the massive trillion dollar stimulus package.  That was nearly a year ago during the summer of 2010, which leaves many Americans wondering in the summer of 2011, “where’s the recovery?”

When the stimulus bill first passed in 2009 the unemployment rate was at 7.6%. Since then unemployment has risen as high as 9.6% and is currently at 9.1%.  South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan is one of many who are saying that our country’s own policies are to blame for high joblessness and slow economic growth.

“Excessive government regulation is creating a lot of uncertainty in the economy.  If it’s not the burden of ObamaCare, it’s the fear of new regulations from the EPA or government interference like we’ve seen with the NLRB’s attack on Boeing.  Businesses have a hard time deciding whether to add an extra shift or build a new facility when they don’t know how new government regulations will impact costs. That’s why the government needs to get the heck out of the way and let small businesses get back to work creating jobs.”

Duncan says the numbers tell the story and that President Obama’s approach to job creation isn’t working.

“We have the highest number of families on food stamps in our nation’s history and it takes an average of 40 weeks for an American to find work.  President Obama’s policies have proven to be ineffective so it’s time to try something new” Duncan stated.

Duncan says America should move away from policies that create uncertainty and embrace free market principles.  “Supporting pro-growth policies means lowering our national debt, ending our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, promoting deep sea energy exploration, repealing ObamaCare, and ending policies that send jobs overseas.”

Duncan noted that the House has taken steps to do all of those things, but many of those agenda items have been blocked by President Obama and the Democrat controlled Senate.

“The 2010 elections showed that the American people want to quickly see our country move in a new direction.  After listening to struggling families across South Carolina, I know they’d say that a new direction can’t come quickly enough.”