Statement from Congressman Jeff Duncan on Israel

May 20, 2011
Press Release

President Obama’s remarks yesterday signaled a dramatic shift in America’s foreign policy towards Israel and the Middle East peace process. By siding with the demands of Palestine’s Hamas-led government, President Obama has undermined Israel’s position in the negotiation process. President Obama’s statement that Israel should retreat to its impossible to defend 1967 borders breaks a promise to one of our strongest allies, threatens Israel’s security, and jeopardizes the future of democracy in the region. 

I share Prime Minister Netanyahu’s frustration with the President’s shift in position and look forward to hearing his address to Congress next week.  The Prime Minister understands the hard reality of Israel’s precarious security situation and daily threats of terrorism. I agree with the Israeli Prime Minister that President Obama’s position is simply unrealistic. 

I’m disappointed that the Administration would make such a radical departure from stated US policy in the midst of growing uncertainty in the region. President Obama should reconsider his position and honor the commitment that Congress and previous Administrations have made to the people of Israel. As a Christian, I ask Americans to continue lifting up the people of Israel with prayers for safety and the hope for a lasting peace.