Shutdown Update

October 3, 2013
Press Release

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to give you a quick update about what’s currently happening with the government shutdown. First let me say that I’ve never had any interest in shutting down the government. In fact, I voted several times to fully fund the government, with the exception of funding for ObamaCare. That’s because I believe that ObamaCare represents a major threat to the well-being of the country.
For example, ObamaCare forced South Carolina’s second largest insurer to leave the state, causing thousands to lose their insurance. ObamaCare is causing workers across the country to be dropped from full-time to part-time employment, straining them financially. According to data from the Department of Health and Human Services, a young male from South Carolina looking to purchase insurance on their own can expect a 44% increase in their annual insurance premiums.
I’m fighting for you because I know that if Congress does not do something about ObamaCare, America will shut down as a result of this shortsighted and poorly written law.
That being said, the reason we find ourselves in a government shutdown is because Senator Harry Reid and President Obama have refused to negotiate. That’s not simply my opinion, that is the stated position of the President of the United States of America and the Majority Leader of the Senate. In fact, the President even sent one of his senior advisors on national television to compare Republicans to terrorists. This isn’t leadership, and this isn’t how you expect Washington to operate.
The House has passed several different proposals, including a bill that would appoint formal negotiators with the Senate to work out our differences. All have been rejected by Senator Reid. House Republicans even proposed a plan to fully fund all the areas of government we can agree on like services for veterans and pay for our reservists and guardsmen. However, even these proposals (which were made without riders or controversial provisions) were flatly rejected by the White House and were threatened to be vetoed.
Senator Reid and President Obama are refusing to negotiate in any way, shape, or form. Again, that’s not my opinion, that is their own stated positions. I will continue to work towards solutions to this crisis, but the President’s refusal to negotiate is deeply disappointing and will only further divide the country.
I’ve received lots of feedback from constituents across the Third District about this situation, and I encourage you to continue calling and writing in. My office is feeling the impacts of a government shutdown just like the rest of the federal government, but my desire to listen to your concerns remains the same.

Blessings and Liberty,

Jeff Duncan
Member of Congress