Reps. Broun & Duncan Make Site Visit to Lake Hartwell

April 10, 2012
Press Release

Reps. Broun & Duncan Make Site Visit to Lake Hartwell


Anderson, Apr 4 -


Pictured from left to right: Rep. Duncan, Rep. Broun


U.S. Representatives Paul Broun, M.D. (GA-10) and Jeff Duncan (SC-03), both Members of the House Committee on Natural Resources, today met with local leaders from the Lake Hartwell area to discuss ways to improve proper lake levels and management:

“When managing our God-given natural resources, the federal government must consider how proper lake levels and management have a profound economic impact on our communities which live, work, and play on or around Lake Hartwell,” said Rep. Broun.  “Congressman Duncan and I are both working hard in Washington to ensure that proper management of the entire Savannah River Basin remains a high priority of both the Natural Resources Committee and of Congress as a whole.”

“Lake Hartwell and Lake Thurmond belong to the people of South Carolina and Georgia,” said Rep. Duncan. “That’s why Congressman Broun and I understand the importance of working together to find ways to protect and conserve these natural resources. Our shared goal is to keep as much water in these lakes as possible. Our lakes impact our communities in a variety of ways, from providing drinking water, to promoting recreation, and bolstering the economy. This meeting is an important step towards making sure our lakes are protected, as we advocate for common sense policies regarding their management.”

According to the Lake Hartwell Association the reservoir supports nearly 2,700 jobs in the area and attracts almost ten million visits each year by tourists.