Rep. Jeff Duncan votes NO on $1.1T funding bill

December 18, 2015
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) released the following statement after the House voted 316 – 113 to pass the Omnibus spending package:

America needed Congress to rise to the occasion to fight the tyranny, incompetence, and corruption coming out of the White House. Instead, Congress folded like a cheap suit and gave the President practically everything he wanted. Voting “no” on this Omnibus spending bill was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done in Congress. The bill catered to Washington’s desires while completely ignoring the concerns of the American people.

The White House is creating a national security disaster through its refugee and visa programs, yet Congress lacked the will to stand up and put a stop to it in order to protect our citizens. In a tragic betrayal of the people’s trust, Congress will actually spend more money under a Republican controlled Senate than it did when the Senate was controlled by Democrats.

Some Members of the Congress are so risk averse that they will agree to anything to avoid a government shutdown. Unfortunately, when Members of Congress worry more about keeping their jobs than standing up for freedom, the American people lose every time.

This is more than a missed opportunity. This is a blow to our Constitution and our entire system of government. I am ashamed that there weren’t more Members joining with me to oppose this horrible bill.