Rep. Duncan Reacts to Aetna Exit Out of SC Obamacare Exchange

Aug 16, 2016 Issues: Health

Laurens, SC - Congressman Jeff Duncan reacts to Aetna's announcement that the health insurance providor will no longer participate in all but four state Obamacare exchanges.

"Aetna’s decision to reduce its participation in Obamacare exchanges by more than 500 counties—including all of South Carolina—is no shock. The government’s attempt to command and control healthcare from Washington is yet another rosy campaign promise confronted with the reality of economics. In example after example the story is the same—government programs designed to control cost or subsidize consumption distorts supply and demand. These costs don’t just disappear, as the President would have you believe. People will pay with higher premiums or higher taxes, while the quality of care declines and services provided are narrowed. Republicans in the House have pushed a variety of reforms, all of which are better than the current Obamacare model. This latest move by Aetna to remain in only four state Obamacare exchanges only reaffirms my prior beliefs—it’s time to repeal and replace Obamacare."