ICYMI: E&C Republicans Push for Yucca Mountain Funding at Appropriations Committee Member Day

April 10, 2019
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – During the House Appropriations Committee’s Energy & Water Development Subcommittee Member Day, several Energy and Commerce Members highlighted the need to find a permanent solution to America’s nuclear waste storage problem and resume the licensing process for Yucca Mountain. Specifically, the Members asked for the president’s budget request of $116 million for the Department of Energy (DOE) and $38.5 million for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) be fulfilled.

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) stressed how American ratepayers and taxpayers are on the hook for billions because the federal government has failed its contractual obligation to establish a permanent nuclear waste repository:

“Because the Department of Energy and the federal government have defaulted on their contractual obligations, ratepayers across the United States – notice I said ratepayers across the United States – have paid around $40 billion in fees for the construction and operation of a permanent nuclear waste repository. The federal law required the Department of Energy to begin disposing of nuclear waste by 1998. Clearly, the federal government has aggressively failed to meet this contractual deadline by over 20 years – unnecessarily costing Americans billions of dollars. In addition to what ratepayers have paid, taxpayers have paid nearly $7 billion in legal damages. In fiscal year 2017 alone taxpayers nearly paid $732 million, which breaks down to about $2 million a day in damages. And for what? Given our rising $22 trillion debt it’s important to remain cognizant of what else this money could be funding.”

View Rep. Duncan’s remarks HERE.

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