Freshman Congressman Jeff Duncan on the Budget Control Act

August 1, 2011
Press Release


Washington, DC—Freshman Congressman Jeff Duncan released the following statement regarding the passage of the Speaker’s debt limit plan, the Budget Control Act:

“Throughout the debt ceiling debate, Washington asked for a deal while Americans wanted a solution. Today Washington got their deal.”

“While the Speaker’s plan is well intentioned, I believe we have to do more.  Paltry cuts and another commission won’t bring about the types of serious structural reforms needed to save the nation’s credit rating.  As a husband, father of three, and a former small business owner I understand the importance of compromise.  But, $14 trillion in debt, we’re at a point in our nation’s history where a compromise that doesn’t solve our debt crisis is simply dangerous.  Before we raise the debt ceiling we need to first enact revolutionary spending reforms like a balanced budget amendment to solve our nation’s debt crisis and turn deficits into surpluses.”

“I appreciate Speaker Boehner’s willingness to fight Washington’s spending addiction, and though I don’t support his approach, I understand why he took this step.”

“This week I’ve heard from hundreds of constituents who oppose raising the debt ceiling without first adopting significant spending reforms.  I apologize to my constituents for being unable to convince more lawmakers to join the cause of demanding permanent spending reform.  Even though I’ve only been in Congress for seven months, I can already tell you that Washington will never voluntarily make significant cuts to spending.  That’s why we need to first pass a Balanced Budget Amendment that forces Washington to live within its means.”