Duncan Votes to End NLRB's Lawsuit Against Boeing

September 16, 2011
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – South Carolina Freshman Congressman Jeff Duncan applauds passage of H.R. 2587, the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act that ends funding for the NLRB’s lawsuit against Boeing.

“I’m an original cosponsor of this legislation because I believe what the NLRB has done to Boeing and to the people of South Carolina is one of the most egregious bureaucratic abuses of power that this Administration has perpetrated.  And with this Administration, that’s saying something,” said Duncan.
“Earlier this year, the National Labor Relations Board decided it had the power to tell a company where it could move, what it could build, and how much.  Whatever you think of the NLRB, whatever stance you have on labor unions, would you ever think our government would consider such an unconstitutional power grab?”
“In the midst of the great recession, when our #1 focus should be creating jobs, the NLRB is trying to stop an American company, from building American airplanes, with American workers, right here in America.”

“If the NLRB wins this lawsuit, American companies won’t be deciding on whether to move to a union state or a right-to-work state. American companies will make decisions on whether to continue production in the United States or to take their manufacturing process and the jobs that go with it to another country.”
“I’m thrilled that the House passed this bill, and I urge the Senate and the President to sign this jobs bill.”