Duncan to vote against short-term CR

March 14, 2011
Press Release

Washington, DC- Freshman Congressman Jeff Duncan announced this morning that he will vote against any short-term continuing resolution to fund the government for the rest of this fiscal year, citing his commitment to significantly reducing government spending and lowering the national debt.  A continuing resolution for funding is required because the last Democrat controlled Congress failed to propose and pass a budget.

“I’m not seeking a temporary government shutdown, but rather a permanent return to our Founding Father’s principles of limited government.  However, I do agree with my colleague Mike Pence that ‘I would rather shut the government down for a few days than shut the future down for my children and our grandchildren,” Duncan stated.

Duncan commented that concerns over the pace of the spending debate led him to break with his party’s leadership on this issue.  “Continuing to pass short-term CR’s is exactly what President Obama and Harry Reid want; to delay enacting serious spending reform.  The people of South Carolina expect our government to cut up the credit cards and put an end to our country’s spending addiction.  Cutting the size and scope of government won’t be possible as long as Congress squabbles over cutting millions of dollars when our nation is 14 trillion dollars in debt.”