Duncan Statement on Government Funding, Debt Ceiling Legislation

October 17, 2013
Press Release

Washington, DC — South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan issued the following statement in regards to the agreement that was reached between Republican and Democratic leaders to reopen the government and temporarily extend the nation’s debt ceiling:

"I voted against the agreement reached by Senate Republican and Democratic leaders to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling because it did not do enough to address the real problems at hand. Our country is perilously close to a precipice. Our debt is growing out of control, and the cost of ObamaCare is crippling American families and businesses. The easy thing to do is kick the can down the road. The right thing to do is address our country’s need for borrowing money and for the Administration to realize that the new healthcare law is not working.  Even President Obama’s former spokesman Robert Gibbs called the healthcare roll out “excruciatingly embarrassing” and suggested that someone within the Administration needed to be fired."

"While I am disappointed in the outcome, I am even more ashamed at how President Obama and Harry Reid conducted themselves during the government shutdown. Had the President and Harry Reid been open to negotiating from the start of this, a shutdown never would have happened. Working with the elected representatives of the people is not optional. It is disappointing that it took a crisis situation for the President to realize that refusing to negotiate was not an option. I was also disturbed that President Obama went out of his way to make the shutdown more painful on the public than it needed to be by closing monuments that have never been closed before, threatening to delay payments to veterans – even though veterans benefits are fully funded – and rejecting clean, non-controversial, and bipartisan bills passed by the House to reopen portions of the government. This behavior of putting politics before people is the ultimate sign of leadership failure."

"Now that the President has reversed his position and decided to once again work with the people’s representatives, it is my sincere hope that some type of resolution on the budget and the healthcare law can be reached in the months ahead. These are serious times. The President needs to acknowledge what most of America has already seen: that our country is suffering from a mounting debt crisis; and that the Affordable Care Act is seriously flawed."