Duncan Issues Statement On ObamaCare Delay

July 2, 2013
Press Release

Washington, DC- South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan issued the following statement following the Obama Administration’s decision to delay the implementation of parts of ObamaCare until at least 2015:

 “President Obama simply can’t stop himself from playing politics with people’s lives. After spending the entire 2012 Presidential campaign arguing that his healthcare law wouldn’t cost American’s their jobs, the President is now conceding that a key provision of the law needs to be delayed. I can’t help but suspect that the President’s motivation for delaying ObamaCare regulations has more to do with protecting Democrats’ jobs in the midterm elections than saving jobs in general. Not only do I believe that politics was the primary motivation behind the President’s decision, but the timing of this very announcement appears to have been politically selected in hopes that the public wouldn’t be paying as much attention due to the upcoming holiday.”

“This decision proves what Republicans have said about ObamaCare from the beginning; that the law hurts families, will cost thousands of Americans their jobs, and will lower the quality of care for millions. The President needs to take politics out of the equation and admit to the American people that his healthcare law is broken beyond repair.”