Congressman Jeff Duncan Votes Against Patriot Act Extension

May 27, 2011
Press Release

Congressman Jeff Duncan Votes Against Patriot Act Extension

WASHINGTON, DC – Freshman Congressman Jeff Duncan voted against extending three provisions of the USA Patriot Act for four years during a measure that came up on Thursday in the House of Representatives.  The Patriot Act was enacted after September 11, 2001 as a tool to assist law enforcement in combating terrorism.  While portions of the law have been credited with disrupting terrorist activity, some groups from both sides of the aisle have criticized some of the law’s provisions over concerns of potentially eroding civil liberties.  Duncan had previously voted for a temporary four-month extension of the law back in February but voted against the longer extension on Thursday due to the length of the multi-year extension and concerns over lack of oversight.

“I support giving our law enforcement and intelligence agencies the tools necessary to defend our nation, but we can’t forget about our sacred obligation to protect the Constitution,” Duncan said.  “I’m not comfortable extending some of these security provisions for more than a year at a time.  I believe the Patriot Act requires constant scrutiny and don’t believe that a multi-year extension of the law makes that possible.”

Duncan, who serves on the Committee on Homeland Security believes there is much more we can do to make our nation safe.  “Achieving real border security has to be a priority,” Duncan stated.  “Right now we have no idea who’s crossing into our country from the US/Mexican border and what they’re bringing with them.  Achieving complete control over every inch of our southern border is a priority for the people of South Carolina, and needs to be a priority for the President of the United States.”

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