Congressman Jeff Duncan Reacts to President Obama Insulting Job Creators

July 18, 2012
Press Release

Congressman Jeff Duncan reacts to President Obama insulting job creators

(Remarks Delivered on the House Floor, July 18, 2012)

“Last week the President said to American job creators that ‘If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.’”

“Well, let me tell you…Prior to coming to Congress I ran my business for 16 years. Where was the President or this phantom person that he claims created my business? Where were they when I was driving 60,000 miles a year chasing business or putting in 16 hour days or signing the loan paperwork at the bank so that I could make payroll or keep the wheels turning?”

“The only other person that was there when I started by business was my wife Melody who supported me in so many ways.”

“This asinine comment by the President of the United States clearly shows that neither he nor anyone in the administration know anything about creating jobs or running a business.”

“May God Bless the real job creators in America and may God continue to bless America.”