Congressman Jeff Duncan Issues Statement on President Obama’s Joint Address to Congress

September 9, 2011
Press Release

In August, the President pleaded with Congress to raise taxes to pay down the debt.  Now a month later, the President’s still demanding that we raise taxes, but this time it’s to pay for more government spending.

The simple truth is that this shows that the President’s obsession with raising taxes has always been about growing the size of government and has never been about eliminating our nation’s debt or creating jobs.

President Obama made it clear tonight that he’s more concerned with protecting his own job than allowing the private sector to put Americans back to work.

The President’s proposal is nothing more than big government interventionism masquerading as a tax cut.

Leadership takes more than reading fancy speeches and bullet points off of a teleprompter.  Under this Administration we’ve seen the unprecedented overregulation of every sector of the economy.

In contrast to the President’s approach, House Republicans have pushed for a realistic jobs plan to put Americans back to work. Where the Obama Administration brings uncertainty to the business community through a raft of regulations, House Republicans are fighting to end the $1.7 trillion dollar regulatory burden that sends jobs overseas and put Americans out of work.

While President Obama seeks to continue the failed economic policies that have doubled our national debt in the last 5 years, conservatives in Congress will push for the adoption of a Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment that forces Washington to live within its means like families and small businesses do every day.

Finally, we will continue to fight the greatest job-killer of them all, the disastrous healthcare bill known as ObamaCare.  This legislation threatens thousands of businesses, millions of jobs, and adds billions in government debt onto the backs of our children and grandchildren.

I’m optimistic that our economy will improve and we’ll be able to put Americans back to work.  But the best way to achieve this goal is end the excessive regulation coming out of Washington and get the federal government out of the way.