Congressman Jeff Duncan Issues Statement on Friday’s NLRB Hearing in Charleston

June 20, 2011
Press Release

Laurens, SC- On Friday, South Carolina Freshman Congressman Jeff Duncan released the following statement in regards to the Congressional hearing on the NLRB’s lawsuit against Boeing being held in Charleston, SC:

“I’m glad Congress is beginning to hold the NLRB accountable with steps like today’s hearing. It’s imperative that the NLRB ends its bureaucratic abuses of power against Boeing and states like South Carolina.  I never thought I’d see the day when the federal government sued a private business for creating jobs in our state.  With South Carolina’s unemployment rising back to 10%, we need the federal government to stop standing in the way of job creation.”

“This situation with the NLRB is not a simple legal disagreement between the government and a private entity.  If the NLRB is successful they will have won the right to tell businesses where they can locate, what they can produce, and how much.  That level of government control means that some of our Founding Father’s greatest fears are close to becoming a reality.”

“Conservatives in Congress have introduced legislation that tries to handcuff the NLRB from acting as prosecutor, judge, and jury against businesses and states trying to create jobs and boost our economy.  I hope today’s hearing will start to rein in this agency so that we can get our economy moving forward again.”