Congressman Duncan shows frustration at Democrats for blocking a Balanced Budget Amendment

November 18, 2011
Press Release

Washington, DC – South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan released the following statement today after a Balanced Budget Amendment was defeated in the House:

“Democrats’ refusal to support a Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment proves they’re not serious about strengthening America’s economy and tackling our national debt.  When the Balanced Budget Amendment last came up in the mid-1990s, the measure received substantial Democrat support.  Now, Congressional Democrats along with President Barack Obama are putting politics ahead of the American people by blocking the most effective tool our country could use to avoid a massive debt crisis.”

“By voting against a Balanced Budget Amendment, Democrats have shown their desire to tax Americans for the sole purpose of growing the size and scope of government.  The American people are demanding common sense reforms to get government spending under control.  What’s more common sense than forcing government to live within its means like families and small businesses do every day?  Today’s vote makes me question whether any of the Democrats who voted against the Balanced Budget Amendment seriously care about the impact that America’s soaring national debt will have on our county, and our children’s and grandchildren’s future.”