Congressman Duncan Opposes Debt Ceiling Increase

August 1, 2011
Press Release

Washington, DC- South Carolina Freshman Congressman Jeff Duncan released the following statement regarding his vote AGAINST raising the debt ceiling:

“Throughout the debt ceiling debate, I have made it clear to the House Leadership and America that we need Revolutionary reforms to the way Washington operates.   I have pushed for the principles which are found in the Cut, Cap and Balance legislation which passed the House a few days ago with a bi-partisan vote.  Those principles include real spending cuts beginning this year; caps on the spending of this Congress and the next while we get the states to ratify a balanced budget amendment, something that is needed if the fiscal house of our Nation will ever be in order.  Even though I’ve only been in Congress for seven months, I can already tell you that Washington will never voluntarily cut spending.  Washington must live within its means just like every American household and small business.”

“I don’t see anything remarkable about this deal aside from its ability to completely ignore the seriousness of our spending problem.  While the 87 member freshmen class helped change the conversation towards cutting spending, this deal shows we have a long way to go before we change the culture in Washington.  The cuts in this deal won’t put a dent in our national debt and do little to change our spending trajectory.  I’m sorry I couldn’t convince more lawmakers to stand with the South Carolina delegation and fight for the types of spending changes that our country needs and Americans deserve.”