Congress Hosts Prime Minister Netanyahu for Historic Address

March 4, 2015
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, Congress held a joint session to hear from the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the threats posed to the Jewish people in Israel by the nuclear ambitions of the Iranian regime.  Congressman Duncan praised the Israeli leader in a statement following the address:

Prime Minister Netanyahu has traveled a great distance to lay down his case against the Iranian regime’s unbridled march towards nuclear weapons. I applaud the Speaker for inviting him into our chamber. The American people must hear his case. It is imperative to the future of all enlightened people in this world that free nations band together in support of Israel against this clear threat to their survival. Iran is a tyrannical regime with one goal: the expansion of a radical fundamentalist Islamic philosophy bent on domination not only of the Middle East, but of all mankind.

Iran is the world’s most powerful state sponsor of terror, and they directly disrupt all efforts at peace in the region through vicious and unmerciful tactics of destruction. They seek to counter all the efforts of enlightened countries to promote freedom and basic human rights. Quite frankly, the Prime Minister showed me something not often seen in politics: courage coupled with wisdom. As he stated, ‘the alternative to this bad deal is a much better deal’. If only our leaders had such insight.  The address illustrates his outstanding capability for leadership while standing for the people of Israel as others seem to waver. They are very lucky to have a leader who fights tooth and nail to preserve their freedom.”