Press Releases

February 1, 2012 Press Release
SC Congressmen Run Offices like a Business to Save Taxpayer Dollars
January 26, 2012 Press Release
“I wasn’t sent to Congress to work with President Obama. I was sent here with a large freshman class to restore balance, and to stop the President from implementing a radical agenda”
January 18, 2012 Press Release
The failed policies of this President push up gas prices at the pump, and electricity prices in our homes and businesses. I will continue to do everything possible to promote solutions for American energy security and independence.
January 18, 2012 Press Release
“I’m introducing this bill today to bring awareness to an issue that should greatly concern every American and exert pressure on the Administration for its lack of action. Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution charges the Congress with the responsibility to “provide for the common defense,” and this legislation calls for a strategic response to Iran’s threat in our hemisphere.”
January 4, 2012 Press Release
South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan condemned President Obama’s decision to bypass Congress and unilaterally name Richard Cordray to head the extremely controversial Consumer Financial Protection Bureau through an unprecedented recess appointment.
December 15, 2011 Press Release
"I will always support our troops, but I will not support legislation that endangers the very Constitutional rights they are fighting to protect."
December 12, 2011 Press Release
"Our government must acknowledge the enemy as Islamist extremism if we ever hope to craft a strategy to defeat it successfully.”
December 9, 2011 Press Release
"I will continue to push for changes in the law to make sure that the NLRB never uses this type of unconstitutional bullying tactic again."
November 18, 2011 Press Release
The American people are demanding common sense reforms to get government spending under control. What’s more common sense than forcing government to live within its means like families and small businesses do every day?
November 15, 2011 Press Release
Congressman Jeff Duncan returned home this weekend from a seven day trip to Afghanistan and Iraq where he visited with US Military personnel. The primary purpose of the trip was to see firsthand the status of military operations in the region, ensure that US troops have the resources needed to accomplish all their objectives, and thank military personnel for their service to the nation.