Press Releases

October 17, 2013 Press Release
"I voted against the agreement reached by Senate Republican and Democratic leaders to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling because it did not do enough to address the real problems at hand. Our country is perilously close to a precipice. Our debt is growing out of control, and the cost of ObamaCare is crippling American families and businesses."
October 11, 2013 Press Release
South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan has been providing constituents with daily updates on facebook since the shutdown first began. The updates have kept constituents informed about the House’s plan to fully fund key parts of the federal government ranging from veterans services to Guardsmen and Reservists pay.
October 3, 2013 Press Release
I’m writing to give you a quick update about what’s currently happening with the government shutdown. First let me say that I’ve never had any interest in shutting down the government. In fact, I voted several times to fully fund the government, with the exception of funding for ObamaCare. That’s because I believe that ObamaCare represents a major threat to the well-being of the country.
October 1, 2013 Press Release
As of October 1, 2013, normal operations within the federal government have been temporarily suspended due to a lapse in appropriated funds.
September 30, 2013 Press Release
"I don’t appreciate being lectured to by a President who has done more to hurt American families, businesses, and our economy through his unworkable healthcare law, than could ever happen in a government shutdown."
September 27, 2013 Press Release
U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan, R-Laurens, made it clear Wednesday he is fully for funding government programs at current spending levels through December — as long as Obamacare is out.
September 25, 2013 Press Release
"Today Secretary Kerry made the grave decision to sell out American sovereignty and the Second Amendment of the Constitution by signing the Arms Trade Treaty. This treaty fails to recognize the fundamental right for individuals to keep and bear arms."
September 25, 2013 Press Release
"The Administration should not blindly ignore Iran’s history of terror. I strongly urge the Administration to coordinate closely with our allies on its strategy for Iran before starting down such a perilous path."
September 20, 2013 Press Release
“For too long the Senate has sat on their hands while shooting down proposals that have yet to even be put on paper. The House stands with the American people. Let the Senate defy the people at their political peril.”
September 20, 2013 Press Release
"Americans are sick and tired of government wasting tax dollars, and DHS has no excuse for its record. When programs cost more, are late, or do less than expected, it has a direct impact on our ability to protect the homeland. DHS must do more to instill discipline, require accountability, and leverage best practices from the defense industry and private sector."