Duncan Supports Calling Congress Back In-Session for Afghanistan

August 30, 2021
Press Release

Congressman Jeff Duncan supports House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s request for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to call Congress back in-session to be briefed on the escalating crisis in Afghanistan to prevent further deterioration and loss of life. 

“The next few days for so many Americans are crucial for our troops to evacuate the vulnerable from Afghanistan, which is why Congress must be called back in-session now. For many, swift action will be the difference between life and death,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan. “President Joe Biden has made it clear he is not capable of navigating our nation through this time, so we need leaders who are willing to step up, put Americans’ interests first, and condemn, not negotiate with, terrorist organizations like the Taliban. Our enemies have taken advantage of us long enough, and it is time for our nation’s leaders to take the crisis in Afghanistan seriously and understand immediate action is pertinent.” 

“As a nation, we cannot rest until every American is safely evacuated from Afghanistan.”