Duncan Statement on the Whistleblower Account

September 26, 2019
Press Release
Washington, D.C. – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) released a statement on the whistleblower account:

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) released a statement on the whistleblower account:

“The “whistleblower account” is nothing more than salacious rumors, conjecture, and hearsay along with press clips from someone without any direct knowledge of the situations described. Not a single word of this would be admissible in an actual court of law, so the Democrats are resorting to attempted smears in the court of public opinion. The fact remains – this whole situation is being used by the Democrats to remove President Trump from office because they failed to do so with their Russian collusion lie. President Trump knows these attacks are lies and is working to clear his name.

“That is why the CrowdStrike reference is so important – it goes to the heart of the Democrat/Mueller deception on the Wikileaks handling of the DNC emails that lies at the foundation of the entire Russian collusion false narrative. President Trump was accused for almost three years as being a Russian pawn in interference in the election. But, when he seeks assistance from a foreign government which might have information or hardware that could help answer questions, he is attacked by Deep State operatives for attempting to expose the corruption that was prevalent within the Obama Administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“As we seek information during the investigation of foreign interference in the 2016 elections, shouldn’t we be soliciting help from any country or any entity that might have information (or servers) that would be helpful? Isn’t the goal to get to the bottom of any interference?

“Moreover, was Joe Biden’s son not the subject of an investigation into whether he used his father’s position to personally benefit him and his family financially? Did Joe Biden not claim to use his position to interfere with an ongoing investigation by withholding financial aid, and did he not openly admit/brag about doing so? There’s video of this! Either he lied that he interfered, or he actually used his office to benefit his family – a crime of corruption that should disqualify him for seeming the highest office in the land – while also opening him up to criminal charges.”