Duncan Statement on Border Supplemental

June 27, 2019
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) released the following statement after voting on the Senate’s emergency supplemental for the border crisis:

“The over 80 requests by Republicans to bring up the Senate bill, the Senate’s overwhelming passage by a vote of 84-8, and some House Democrats’ push-back against Nancy Pelosi and their own leadership worked. The House just passed the Senate’s emergency supplemental for the southern border crisis, and it is now ready for President Trump’s signature. The President asked for this money weeks ago, but Democrats wasted time to appease the open borders, radical left.

“The Senate’s supplemental is by no means perfect. It is a necessary step to address the crisis by ensuring our agencies do not run out of money in the coming weeks as they handle the unprecedented flow of migrants crossing into our country illegally. The bill doesn’t fix the drivers of illegal immigration by reforming our broken asylum laws, closing dangerous loopholes and incentives, or ending catch and release – it simply ensures our agencies are properly funded.

“While I support this supplemental, we are still in dire need of policies that stop the flow of illegal immigration that is happening in record numbers on our border. This supplemental legislation is on its way to the White House, but it’s evident our work is far from done.”