Duncan Stands Strong on Immigration Enforcement

March 23, 2021
Press Release

Laurens, S.C. – As our nation faces a worsening crisis at the southern border, Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) remains committed to America First policies that secure the border and close loopholes and flawed incentives in our nation’s immigration system.

Congressman Duncan has consistently fought for stronger immigration enforcement since being elected to Congress. Building the southern border wall, mandating e-verify, eliminating visa overstays, and ending catch and release are just a few of the longstanding efforts he has been a part of over the years in his fight to put America First. Congressman Duncan has authored several legislative solutions to our nation’s immigration problem and has also supported many of his fellow Republican colleagues’ immigration reform proposals.

So far the 117th Congress, Congressman Duncan has authored the following bills:

  • H.R. 94 the Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act – Cuts off federal funding for sanctuary cities, eliminating the incentive for illegal immigrants to come commit crimes in the United States.


  • H.R. 90 the Visa Overstay Enforcement Act – Eliminates around 50% of the modern illegal immigration problem simply by allowing federal authorities to prosecute and follow up on visa overstays.


  • H.R. 89 the Terrorist Deportation Act – Allows for the deportation of individuals in the Terrorist Screening Database.


  • H.R. 88 the BUILD WALL Act – Takes money legally seized from the Mexican drug cartels and uses it to increase border security, including building the southern border wall.


  • H.R. 93 the Eliminating Foreign Intervention in Elections Act – Prohibits federal funds from being used to make payments to local governments that permit noncitizens to vote in state or local elections.


Congressman Duncan has also cosponsored the following bills that have been introduced in the 117th Congress:

  • H.R. 1901 - Closes asylum loopholes that serve as an incentive for illegal immigrants.


  • H.R. 991 – Preserves the integrity of the safety net by ensuring that immigrants can pay their own way (no public charge).


  • H.R. 864 – Prohibits illegal immigrants from collecting social security benefits.


  • H.R. 643 – Prohibits illegal immigrants from obtaining a driver’s license.


  • H.R. 515 – Allows citizens harmed by illegal aliens in sanctuary cities to sue city officials for damages.


  • H.R. 413 – Eliminates the visa diversity lottery.


  • H.R. 398 – Eliminates the possibility of asylum claims from individuals who have committed crimes.


  • H.R. 140 – Limits the definition of birthright citizenship to those who are the children of citizens or legal permanent residents.


  • H.R. 78 – Requires that e-verify be mandatory in all 50 states.