Duncan Slams Democrat-led Contempt & Impeachment Agenda

July 17, 2019
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) slammed House Democrats for pushing to impeach the President and for putting forth a resolution to hold Attorney General Barr and Secretary of Commerce Ross in contempt of Congress.

“The Democrat-led House of Representatives has been in complete chaos this week with the socialist squad calling the shots and the Speaker of the House breaking precedent and decorum on the House floor.

“95 Democrats showed their willingness to impeach the President of the United States tonight, and for what? Absolutely nothing – only their hatred for him and his ability to deliver real results for the American people. Thankfully, their efforts failed.

“The census contempt vote was just another part of the chaos. It showed just how much the Democrats hate the President and those who work in his administration, and how badly they don’t want to find out how many noncitizens and illegal immigrants there are in the country.”

Congressman Duncan signed a letter to Attorney General Barr encouraging inclusion of the citizenship question. Read it HERE.

Congressman Duncan offered an amendment to the appropriations process in June to strip the Democrat provision in the base bill preventing the census from asking about citizenship. Read it HERE.