Duncan Introduces the Modernize Nuclear Reactor Environmental Reviews Act

July 29, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) introduced H.R. 7817, the Modernize Nuclear Reactor Environmental Reviews Act:   

“Nuclear energy is a critical part of our nation’s energy matrix. It is a safe and effective energy source that fuels the 24/7 baseload power supply most Americans demand, and it protects our national security. Further, nuclear power provides large amounts of carbon-free electricity, which is important as we continue to strive for clean energy. In South Carolina, nuclear power generates nearly 57% of our electricity, which is far above the national average of 20%. These numbers could likely be higher if the federal government worked to streamline the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) burdensome environmental review process required for nuclear reactor licensing. Data from the nuclear industry currently shows the cost of the environmental review process has tripled over the last ten years, and completion of the process averages about four years.

Today, I introduced H.R. 7817, the Modernize Nuclear Reactor Environmental Reviews Act, a bill that aims to update the environmental review process for nuclear reactors, especially advanced reactors. Specifically, the bill directs the NRC to evaluate the current environmental review process for nuclear reactors, determine more efficient and timely ways to perform the reviews while also complying with the recently modernized National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and conduct a formal rulemaking on their findings. We must continue to look for ways to enhance our domestic nuclear energy production and maintain global competitiveness. I’m confident that my bill will contribute to this effort,” said Rep. Duncan.

“Nuclear energy powers our everyday lives with emissions-free electricity and is vital for U.S. economic growth, energy security, and national security. This is why we must continue to strengthen our domestic nuclear industry and its infrastructure. The way we ensure continued prosperity and environmental protection for future generations is through innovation, and E&C Republicans will continue to lead the way in creating policies to make this a reality. I thank Rep. Duncan for his leadership on the Modernize Nuclear Reactor Environmental Reviews Act,” said Rep. Walden, Ranking Member of the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Read the bill HERE.