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U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan said Wednesday that he will oppose any legislation on raising the federal debt limit that includes tax increases.
Congressman Jeff Duncan wants to hear from his constituents, to find out what their concerns, what they’d like him to be working on, and how he’s doing so far. To that end, Duncan has been holding non-traditional town halls – what he calls “Listening Sessions” throughout the Third District this week.
Rising gas prices, the National Labor Relations Board’s lawsuit against Boeing, and the skyrocketing national debt — these were some of the issues U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C. 3, mentioned during a town hall meeting Tuesday at the Powdersville Library.
U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan says gasoline prices are killing chances of a national economic recovery. Speaking to the Pickens County Taxpayers Association this week, Duncan said energy independence is crucial to maintaining the momentum created by the recent economic recovery.

Washington, DC – South Carolina freshman Congressman Jeff Duncan released the following statement today regarding the President’s decision to tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve: “There are no short cuts on the path to American energy independence.