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The Heritage Foundation put together a list of the United States' top ten worst energy policies, a list I thought I’d share with you.v
High gas prices impact us all. That’s why I’m spending time this week visiting gas stations across the Third District to hear your stories, and share with you some solutions for how we can make our country more energy secure.
U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan spoke to local business leaders Tuesday about reforming federal tax policies, increasing domestic energy production and reducing the national debt.
South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan says the recent rise in prices illustrates the importance for the U.S. to lessen its dependence on foreign oil by stepping up exploration both on land and offshore.
This afternoon President Obama will hold a press conference to discuss, among other issues, rising gas prices. Here are five questions President Obama should answer regarding his Administration’s energy policy.
I believe we need to reconsider our approach to Iran in our neighborhood, which is why I recently introduced the “Countering Iran in the Western Hemisphere Act” (H.R. 3783). This bill makes it clear that America’s policy is to oppose Iran’s hostile presence and activity in the Western Hemisphere...
February 13, 2012 In The News
Two men finally received medals they earned decades ago in that war. The men were honored in a ceremony on the steps of the Greenwood County Veterans Center, U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan was in attendance and participated in the ceremony.
Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) said on the House floor Tuesday morning that the button is meant to remind people that the Senate has been "acting irresponsibly" by not passing a budget resolution since April 2009.
I think government’s role is to provide some sort of certainty to business…large business, small business, job creators…some sort of certainty in the marketplace where they can make decisions.
Whiteford’s Drive-In is always a hot breakfast spot in Clinton, and Wednesday morning was no exception as Laurens County constituents came out for a “listening session” with Laurens resident and Third Congressional District Rep. Jeff Duncan.