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The stances of the two parties are fairly clear: President Barack Obama wants to raise taxes, Republicans do not. But with all the sound bites floating around about why this approach is good or bad for the country, I think we’ve forgotten that this debate is supposed to be about the national debt.
I wanted to send you a quick update about what’s been happening in Washington, but first let me say that I am honored to have the opportunity and privilege of being your representative for the next two years.

Dear friends,

Conservative Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) has proposed the most comprehensive free-market energy bill that takes a true all of the above approach.
Congressman Jeff Duncan was recently recognized for his use of social media in interacting with constituents as he finished fourth in the 2012 House GOP New Media Challenge.
For Duncan the Conservative Republican position means limited government, free markets and individual liberties.
Expand Act is a real all-of-the-above policy.