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"Recently, I had the opportunity to speak about something that I am very passionate about, and that is an all-American energy policy that produces resources here, lessens our dependence on the Middle East, lessens our dependence on the OPEC cartel, truly trades with our neighbors to the north and the south, and approaches true independence."

Dear Friends,

I’ve received a lot of feedback from constituents who are concerned with news reports showing DHS holding contracts to purchase rounds of ammunition over the next five years. I’ve asked GAO to conduct an independent review into these ammunition purchases, and why I will continue to pressure DHS to be more transparent about this topic.
On March 14th, the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere held a hearing on 'U.S. Energy Security: Enhancing Partnerships with Mexico and Canada.' I participated in this hearing not only because I am a member of this committee, but also because I believe this issue should be a top priority for the US.
February 26, 2013 In The News
There’s been a lot going on in Washington since the start of this Congress. I wanted to touch base with you to make sure that you’re informed on everything that’s happening. Here’s a rundown of the 113th Congress so far: