Fiscal Cliff Vote

January 7, 2013
In The News

Dear Friends,

Our government spends too much. That’s the bottom line.

Without drastic spending reductions and efforts to address our growing debt burden, there is a real likelihood that we could experience European-style defaults and inflation in the future. I cannot, and will not, in good conscious, support this redistribution, Occupy Wall Street style proposals that have been put forth by the Administration and the Senate. We must include spending reductions and real reform efforts if we are going to begin securing a brighter future for our children.

I'm thankful a majority of Americans will be able to keep a lower tax rate, but incredibly disappointed that Washington continues to be weak-kneed when it comes to enforcing common sense fiscal responsibility. I voted 'no' on this bill because I will not be fooled into believing that Washington intends to use tax increases to pay down the debt. It is a betrayal of our oaths of office to continue to ignore runaway spending.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve.

Blessings & Liberty,

Jeff Duncan
Member of Congress