Constitutional Issues

Information related to Issues concerning the Constitution.

Economy and Jobs

As a former small business owner, I understand all too well that excessive government regulation and prohibitive taxes can mean the difference between growing your business and shutting down.


The issue of Education is important to students in my district and throughout the U.S.


Achieving energy independence should be a top national security and economic priority for the United States, and South Carolina’s Third Congressional District is poised to help lead the way.

Financial Services

Financial Services issues affect us all and how they are dealt with is important to my work in Congress.

Foreign Affairs

Today’s foreign affairs landscape is constantly evolving, but the lessons of history remain essential for prudent decision-making.


Federal health policy is very personal, and that is why I am working to get the government out of the middle.

Homeland Security

The issues of Defense and Border Security are extremely important to my work in Congress, and our country as a whole.

Social Issues

As a life-long social conservative, I am a strong advocate for life and traditional family values.

Spending Cuts and Debt

Government spending is out of control and our country is literally mortgaging our children’s future.


The issue of Transportation is important to our district and to my work in Congress.


There are many veterans that live in our district and their issues are important to me and to my work in Congress.