Jobs & Guns

Jan 29, 2013 Issues: Constitutional Issues, Economy and Jobs

Dear Friends,

Recently, the state of New York chose to adopt some of the most restrictive gun laws in America.  In light of this decision, I decided to write the CEO of the parent company for Remington Arms (America's oldest gun manufacturer) to encourage them to relocate their NY operations to South Carolina. You can read a copy of my letter to Remington’s CEO HERE.
South Carolina is a great place to work and live, which is why companies like Boeing, BMW, Michelin, Amazon, Bridgestone, and ZF have all invested heavily and created jobs in the Palmetto State. But beyond our sterling business environment are reasons that sparked the letter, concern about an all out assault on our Second Amendment rights.
If you talk to most gun owners in South Carolina, they will tell you that the Second Amendment is about more than just collection, protection, and sport. The Second Amendment is ultimately about freedom.
Since we respect the Second Amendment in South Carolina, it only makes sense to encourage businesses to relocate here from states that seek to undermine our constitutional freedoms, like New York. If you would like to join me in encouraging Remington Arms to relocate and bring jobs to South Carolina, you can email them at

Blessings and Liberty,

Jeff Duncan
Member of Congress