The Fight for Faith

Jun 10, 2013

Dear Friends,
Last week I had the pleasure of sharing the story of one of our own, Dianne Belsom, as she traveled up to Washington to testify before Congress on how the IRS illegally targeted conservative groups. I wanted to take a moment to share with you a different story of another great South Carolinian who recently made the national spot light.
Roy Costner IV was the valedictorian at Liberty High School this past year. Roy’s school district has been under pressure from out of state groups to eliminate prayer at school board and other meetings, so tensions have certainly been high. Roy was required to submit his speech to the school for prior approval, but when he got up to speak, he ripped his speech in half, spoke from the heart, and delivered the Lord’s Prayer to a room filled with applause.
Roy Costner, like Dianne Belsom, is a hero in my book, which is why I wanted to share with you his story.

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Blessings and Liberty,

Jeff Duncan
Member of Congress